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Start Location: SARAJEVO , End Location: SARAJEVO. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! The adventure of hiking and camping in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina and discover amazing landscape of the Sutjeska National Park!




With its height of 2.386 MASL, even in summer, mountain Maglic often lives up to its name - The Mist Mount.

Explore some of the most spectacular landscape views and discover the rich and hidden forests on the mountainside consist of the Perucica forest, a protected reserve within the Sutjeska National Park, which is the oldest and one of the two last remaining primeval forests in Europe.

Camping near the amazing Trnovacko lake can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. With its heart-like shape and the deep blue-green color of its water, Trnovacko lake is one od the favorite lakes to camp near.





The Green Mountain - Zelengora - often reffered to as the most beautiful mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a remote mountain range with much to reward those who want to discover something new and unique.




Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes are highly recommended; A day pack; Sunscreen; Fleece; Sun hat; 1 liter of water; A dry t-shirt/fleece; Rain gear (in case of rain); Camera; Some carbohydrates rich food such as bananas; hazelnuts; chocholate, some fruits, etc. It can easily happen that you experience three seasons in just an hour so be prepared. Please contact us if you are in need of any equipment.

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  • 5
    Ifeta Mesic
    Zelenogra and Maglic are amazing mountains full of beautiful flowers, trees, lakes... Scenery is unforgettable. Great to take beautiful photos.
  • 5
    George Smith
    Zelengora and Maglic is very captivating and attractive and it's very good for us, hikers and mountaineers. Zelengora is maybe the most gentle mountain of the three and is hiding many secrets. The best thing comes at the end. Maglic! The highest Bosnian peak. If anyone planning to visit this beautiful area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will not be sorry. I enjoyed it, I hope you will too. Of course, only with Lily Travel.