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Start Location: SARAJEVO , End Location: SARAJEVO. Prokosko lake, hidden on the Vranica mountain, is one of the most beautiful creations of nature declared as a reserved park. Discover traditional wooden houses and unquestionable hospitality of local people. Absolutely delicious traditional pie next to water will complete your day. Off-road adventure is stunning by itself due to macadam roads, calming forest and chirping of birds.




We plan the departure earlier, in order to make the most of the time at the destination. We start the journey by driving from Sarajevo to the small town of Fojnica.




In Fojnica we will take a short break and continue our journey through the beautiful forest area. The road from the town of Fojnica to the Prokosko lake is in itself an adventure because of the macadam roads that lead through the beautiful forest.



11:00 - 16:00

Arriving at the destination is a special experience. The view of the lake surrounded by mountains, pastures where sheep and cows graze give you the feeling as if you are in the Alps. The lake is surrounded by fascinating nature and shepherd's wooden houses called Katuni. You can spend the day walking by the lake, climbing the nearby plateaus, relaxing in the shade of the trees and enjoying the smell of the fresh mountain air. 

The cheerful spirit of the local people and their hospitality will make your trip more joyful. A special experience is the return of cows from nearby pastures and the sound of their bells as they return to rest.

You will have opportunity to order local homemade traditional food such as lamb, pie, barbeque etc. Note that food is not included in this trip and will be on your own expense.

Prokosko lake offroad is ideal destination for those who want to spend an amazing day in nature. 




Arrival to Sarajevo.


FROM Price of 29 EUR is calculated based on 7 Person. Use BOOK NOW to calculate price by your preferences. For any question please do not hesitate to message us on WhatsApp  or call us directly on +38761738900



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    Saqib Latif
    This was by far the most exciting trip we went on. The views are amazing, the atmosphere is great, but most fascinating of all is the diversity of nature found here, ranging from rattlesnakes, up in the grasslands, to multi-diverse fishes, found down in the lake. This also a great trip for people of slightly different interests, with the bumpy mountain track proving great fun in the Land-Cruiser. Our guide, Mersud, was also great company, treating us like his family rather than as his clients.